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Which Is the Best Gadget?

  • Slingshot
  • Snowball launcher
  • Quantunum portal
  • Blaster
  • Evil eye
  • Zapper
  • PML
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Please use the Devices category for this.

No, just don’t post polls.

please dont post polls as a whole guide.

Which is the most overrated gadget?

  • Slingshot
  • zapper
  • blaster
  • PML
  • Evil eye
  • Wooden wand
  • quantum portal
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why are you doing this? Please stop as it can be off-topic

Why can’t I post polls?

it is not related to GKC and can be considered off topic

Good question

only post polls on guides if you need to

remember when we all thought the blaster was the second worst gadget?

The slingshot is the most underrated weapon

I never thought that

when it first came out.

wait, yeah, you never said that.

the snowball launcher is the best because it’s like the mini gun

the slingshot is the second best because it’s basically a rifle

the third best is the blaster because you can hold it down for rapid fire

and the quantum portal is last because it is so slow and rarely hits the moving target. the only thing good about it is it can one hit a player.

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