Gadget Game Help

So as the title said I need help with this game:

Gadget Game

What's Gadget Game?

Gadget Game is based off of a gamemode I found in Call of Duty, called Gu-n Game. Here is the Gimkit version:
In Gimkit, you start with the worst gadget and get level up you “Gadget Level” as you knockout people. If you get knocked, your “Gadget Level” goes down.
I think you can infer what the COD one is like.

Weapons Order

I recently published a game on discovery called Gadget Game and have now began working on an update from it, The Cool Update, which will fix some bugs and make things more visually appealing and change the weapon order.

Originally when I did the weapon order, I used JoeTheChicken’s guide on weapons and took a few stats and averaged them out and got this:
Note that you start with the common, then the rare, then the legendary before moving on to the next gadget
Start here (worst gadget) - Quantum Portal
Snowball Launcher
Evil Eye
Wooden Wand
End here (best gadget) -Blaster

I don’t like this order because it feels unbalanced and that sometimes you get worse when you are supposed to be getting better. Does anyone have a better order?


Also in the Cool Update I want to make the map cooler with some new jumps/mechanics.
Currently my map looks like this:

The orange at the bottom is lava and it knocks you.
I want to know if you guys have any ideas for jumps/mechanics of the map to make it more interesting. Before you say it, yes there are guides on this. I have looked through them already and have decided to use these things:

  • Lasers
  • Alternating Platforms
  • Disappearing Platforms
  • Slide Jumps
  • Semi-Solid Platforms

Please don’t just send me guide I have already seen; I want some fresh ideas!


If you want to you can make me a new thumbnail for it you can. Thumbnail requests have been approved by josh btw.
Just have Gims fighting with various gadgets, jumping around stone platforms over lava.
Name of Game - Gadget Game
Made By: harharharhar83

I might add one more help section in a little bit.


you can add a jump that you can barely get onto the block like this:


except the block is directly above your player


For the gadget game, you just need a property for your elims and when it changes broadcast on a channel and use an item granter to grant -1 of the item if its not the property is not equal corresponding item and grant 1 if it is.

Also, thumbnails are back??? YIPEEEEEE


PML, then zapper, then slingshot, then wooden wand, then Evil Eye, then Snowball launcher, then Q. Portal.

Also, make it so that instead of a common quantum portal, it’s an uncommon Q. portal.


New weapon order:

  1. Wooden Wand
  2. Zapper
  3. P.M.L.
  4. Evil Eye
  5. Snowball Launcher
  6. Quantum Portal (Rare)
  7. Blaster
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