Funny little editing bug

Well making a map, i found a weird bug
If you try to mass-select and hold your LMB down, you can press C to make a “ghost” device.
You cant place it down,or do anything with it
Doesn’t do much, just all you have to do is close the copying popup

are you asking,
how to fix it
how to repeat it
showing us how to exploit it
or just reporting it?

That is strange let me test and see if it works on my end. and at least its not harmful. And not sure @Foxy.

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@Mineflyer I can’t seem to get any prop/deveice including a popup device to work as a ghost. maybe rehost you map and try it again to see if its just a you issue.

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Report it.
It mostly avoidable

Ok so send in screenshots to saying its a non harmful bug but its still there.

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