Foxy's guide to great maps (this is not a prank I promise)


(Look behind the usercard)

Who doesn’t?!?

My eyes hurt now

you have it in dark mode?

Haha. I hope Gimsolver does it soon. Yeah I see

me i have it in light

I have no idea a lot


𝒾 ⓛᵘ𝓋 𝐭h𝒾丂!

do this on a actual chat

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I’m not going to change my bio…

But me:

Semi-Professional Map Maker & Block-Coder. Bedwars Extraordinaire. Leader of DOD

A MUCH more organized version of my profile Click this: :large_blue_circle::ice_cube::dragon_face: Two lines are too short. Also, Pronouns: She/Her/Hers
Introduction I’m back! Anyone miss me? I GOT REGULAR AGAIN AT 11 PM ON FEBRUARY 25TH!!! AND NOW I SERIOUSLY LOST IT AGAIN??? Guess I’ll wait for it to come back… I GOT REGULAR AGAIN!!! YES!!! MARCH 22nd, 2024!!! AT LITERALLY TWELVE AT MIDNIGHT!!!
Introduction 2 I guess I left before the new Dark Ages, and came back in the Dark Ages. Can’t believe how much the Forum has changed!
Levels If you’re saying “levels” of GKC, I’d say I’m a Semi-Professional. I’m not as good as ClicClac and those really experienced Professionals, but I’m pretty experienced with props, devices, terrain, and blocks. Note: ANYONE CAN USE THIS!!! JUST GIVE ME CREDIT!
Levels of GKC Builders
Brainless NO IDEA how to work around with GKC
Beginner Knows how to use terrain, props, devices
Thinker Knows how to use devices pretty well
Builder Can build really good art and can build stuff like CTF and tag
Master Good with everything except for blocks
Semi-Professional Good with everything, Blocks are good except for a tiny bit
Professional Good with everything
Legend People like the mods who actually build Gimkit
Games I published:
Hunger Games
Just search of “Blizzian”!
Evil Stuff

Pronouns: She/Her/Hers
*Evil laugh

List of Food:
WOW is still my enemy, though


“I don’t know how long we have to live. I mean all of us. But make it worthwhile.” - Blizzy. Mapmaker. Imagineer. Pronouns: She/Her/Hers

“Maybe you think you’re worthless. Maybe you think you can’t do anything useful. But the truth is, everyone is helpful. Everyone has a future.” - Blizzy

“When in doubt, do not give up. Instead: Think. Imagine. Make.” - Blizzy.

“Touching the Grass doesn’t mean you’re done. It means you’re brave enough to try death.” - Blizzy


Padlet Password: DOD vs. WOW: The Countdown

Oh. You want my lore? Ok.


It’s in the Padlet.


Profile Base made by this person called “Strawberry_Prancer” from DeviantArt

@GimSolver Here it is. Also, I had to shorten and delete some of your stuff(Or a lot) to make it fit. Hope that’s fine!

i didn’t i just moved it to the main bio so tomorrow i can fix it.