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This might be a silly question from me, but does anyone know how to make a wiki? I’m a regular so I should be able to.

@Coolcaden26 After posting something, click … next to the Reply button. Click on the wrench, then “Make Wiki”.

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What? This is the only place I’ve used Discourse, so I have no idea…

uhhhh no lmao wish i did know, idk what you even mean. say, do you mean by on fandom?

let me try…

Good Job -ThatGim

yeah so i thought you made it a wiki before posting so…

quick question, isn’t this question considered off-topic tho?

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Yes, but it’s alright.

You could consider it off-topic, but I was just wondering since it makes editing guides so much easier.

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text to get past the 20 character minimum ahhhh

If you want to bypass the 20 character requirement just put any letters in < >

k thanks (ima stop replying in this, this topic has been solved already.)


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