Forums PSA (Extra characters)

Hey everyone! This is about the guy who is currently spamming swears in insults in the forums. Josh has been notified of this, and all we can do right now is wait. Please do not reply to messages he sends, just flag them. Responding will generate more negative comments. Stay calm everyone, this will be resolved soon. Thanks!

TL;DR: Josh notified, do not respond to the guy, just flag him.

Also I’ve hit my max posts (how???) so, bye everyone, see you in 24h


Got it. There are 2 guys, but hopefully they will both be stopped.

I hope so too… :fearful: :fearful: :fearful:

New people have a limit to the number of posts they can post

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He’ll be outta posts soon.

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Also, I think he left a quarter of an hr. ago and that they are both the same person.

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OML, really?! Thats funny LOL

Bumpity Bump so people can see this

I think he’s ban speedrunning.

Edit: My guy trying to be reckoner (I’m not going to mention the name or else i will get banned out of this site)

The good thing is, that guy is probably gonna get banned quicker than Reckoner now that we have better moderation.

Though, my post “How to make a Non-PVP Area?” Got deleted in 3 days. Yes, you heard it. 3 DAYS.

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1020/3 340-ish posts a day

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on average

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400ish posts read per day

#1 in topics and posts viewed lol

If only you could see my death stare…

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lol I needed negative amounts of life just to beat you.

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I am not even kidding, my like limit is 20

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