Forum watching or tracking bug

Ik this is off-topic but this is a problem. Every time I reply to a topic or smth like that the topic immediatly watches it. When I turn it to tracking it turns it back. Example:
Screen Shot 2024-02-07 at 5.23.37 PM
Yeah please help. Any ideas? If none ill go to the official discourse forum.

Settings notifications
Edit: it’s tracking setting whoops!

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No thats not the bug. This is.
Screen Shot 2024-02-07 at 5.27.36 PM

it’s because you made the topic also this is off topic

Ik its off-topic. This is an annoying bug. This goes to me for EVERY topic.

If I recall correctly, when you reply to a topic it tracks it. (Testing)
Try going to a category and change the Topic Controls to whatever you want? (It’s how I got every topic in each category set to ‘watching’)


Tested it, the Topic Controls for this was ‘Normal’ but it turned to ‘Watching’ when I replied.
Weird thing also, I had all topics in bugs set to ‘watching’ but this was set to ‘normal’ even though I didn’t change any topic controls.
Weird bug.
You might want to ask on the pfficial discourse meta forum.

Test 2

I was right (see FersionSpeedy’s reply)
I guess it just sets the post to whatever topic notification control you set that category of the topic in when you reply?


How do I go to the topic controls again?

I’ll test this post.



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Thats not it.

Wait its working again after changing some controls around.


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