Forum tips for new users

I know there are some guides addressing this, however it is still an ongoing problem

What not to do
  1. Game codes are not allowed and will get flagged
  2. Do not post a topic asking what to make there are too many topics posted daily about this if you need ideas check out WhereIsMyHat’s guide Map ideas to cure your boredom (reply with more ideas)
  3. Before posting anything search for it; most likely your answer already exists
  4. Don’t grind for badges it seriously gets annoying
  5. Don’t post anything inappropriate this is meant to be a site kids can use
  6. Don’t use unnecessary tags; tags are mean’t for people to be able to find what they are looking for, if you don’t understand the tags don’t use any
  7. Always stay on topic
  8. Don’t repeatedly “bump” topics it becomes spam
  1. On your first day here you only get 10 replies
  2. You have a limited amount of likes
  3. You cannot flag until you become a member
  4. To make a wiki you have to be a regular
  5. You cannot post more than 3 consecutive replies
  6. You cannot use the word j o i n
  7. Maximum character limit for topics is 30,000 characters
  8. posts must be at least 20 characters long
What to do
  1. complete discobot’s tutorials
    How to use @Discobot
  2. read the community guidelines
  3. read topics posted under new-user-must-read and forum-tips
  4. Read the FAQ

Reply what I should add to this guide


wait I can say j o i n but not joinn :smirk:

This is already in the guidelines, and other things on forums set by mods. I have to flag this because this is not needed.

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@Magenta_Dragon why is this topic not needed?

PSAs/Forum Tips Community Made Guides should be avoided because they’re just repeating the TOS and FAQ and they cause too much clutter.

@Haiasi Should I delete it?

It doesn’t fully repeat the FAQ

You can’t delete it since there are replies. Just dont reply.