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(DISCLAIMER: Do not attack individuals mentioned in this post)


This post is mainly targeted to the New Users and New Regulars of the forums. But everyone should take it seriously.

If you have been around the forums you might of seen this:

This is called a Reusable Bump. And it is is what it’s name suggests, that it is a bump that can just be reused from 1 post.
So, How does it work? Well, Regulars make Wikis that people can edit and add onto, and when a post is updated, the post is moved up to the top of the forums.

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I’m pretty sure reusable bumps works, and it shouldn’t be considered spam.

Okay, just to confirm again, it does work. This might be considered misinformation, so just edit that out or something.

What post did you do it on?

I just tested, It doesn’t work 100% of the time
But it still does :D

Hm… Why don’t you try it out yourself then?

Here. Wait a couple of hours/days, then edit the wiki to bump it.

You made a whole wiki just to prove a point???

idk if I should like this guide cuz

Yeah. Why?
Thought it was a good way of proving something- getting the user to try it out theirselves.

Look, the reusable bump does not work if somebody replied to it, I think.

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I surprised how you used this specific comment.

and I wonder why.

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they ojly work if there are no posts after it

Wait since when are we not allowed to post Forum Stuff?
I’ve been gone for a LONG time so I might have not known

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