Forum Question Maybe off topic but I need help

So… There has been notifications on my computer, that hasn’t been there before… like I was casually learning in class and this came up:
Screenshot 2024-04-26 9.25.00 AM
And there was a whole bunch more even when I 1: Didnt have the tab open and 2: The teacher put blocks on this site so we don’t get destracted… but I want to know how to fix it… it hasn’t done this before…

you have computer notifications on your computer

You enabled notifications in your account.
Turn them off and they should be left alone.

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I know that but it has never done it when the tab is closed…


Oh… That makes sense… hehe Thank you.

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Really? It has for me. It does the same for me.
Even when I’m off tabs.


Yup. When I log on to my laptop, especially after weekends, it floods with notifications, even when I haven’t signed in to anything yet.

well that’s a notification. and if you go into your settings under “Preferences” and go to “notifications”. You can disable live notifications. That or pause them by clicking on you user picture on the top right of your screen and clicking the little user icon. Then click pause notifications.



After a couple of hours I would get on and poof there was lots… :frowning_face: but thanks for telling me how to turn it off. :smiley: What really annoyed me with the notifications, the teacher would walk by and see them all pop up like crazy :skull:


Same! Yeah, and this isn’t off-topic— this is forum stuff. :no_mouth:

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yeah i lagged before i could posting the reply, so it took to long to post. sorry about that.


Understandable. The site is running pretty slow.

two words:
Flag warriors

That is why we don’t make these types of post.


Funny like there will be times where it takes two minutes for it to finish loading when I try to post :frowning_face:

That’s so unfair! Why can’t we make posts like this if we’re helping somebody else!
Someone REALLY needs to knock some sense into their skulls and tell them what off-topic-ness is! But, there will always be people like that, so you’re right.

True, @leo_flowers.


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