Force Crash Game

I saw a map, and they had a button that when crashed instantly crashed it. i’m trying to make 1 trigger instant crash. How would you do this?

so, when the button was pressed, it instantly crashed the game? idk, but there are MANY different ways to do this but i have to eat dinner


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have it open a popup with a button that opens a question interface. easiest way. already in the traps guide tho

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@CassiusDoomlorde whats the fastest way

That is it…

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is there a way to do i without the player having to click two buttons? i want it some triggers it - game crash

activate one of these lag machines, but that may just slow it down
also, high memory in comparasion

I don’t want a lag machine, I want a bug or glitch

then the popup button

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  1. can you list some
  2. y would u get reported for something thats ingame
  3. I’m trying to make it as a prank

he literally said he went to eat dinner

Make a button that triggers a popup. Make the button also trigger a questioner.

that doesn’t work

read previous replies

also, that bug is only popup call to action button trigger questioner, not both at the same time

Oh whoops.

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i’m trying to make a 1 trigger instant crash

nvm i figured it out. If you wire a small delay to the questioner opening, it crashes

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