Force a Respawn at a Specific Place

Is there a way I can force a player to respawn at a certain spawn pad, or certain place? I want it so when a player gets hit by a laser, they go to a checkpoint instead of their spawn pad. Or, create another spawn pad at the checkpoint and have them spawn at that one.

The best way I can think of doing this is by placing a spawn pad at the start for team 1, at the first checkpoint for team 2, and the third checkpoint for team 3. Then, whenever a player reaches a checkpoint, switch there team to the team of the checkpoint. So when a player gets to checkpoint 2, set them to team 2. I hope this helps!

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you can use a teleporter

make a spawn pad that nly lets people that have died via lasers go there. look at the options it gives when it asks you who should respawn there. or just listen to blackhole927.
thats such a cool idea btw i might try it if u dont mind :grinning:

this is what id use if you doing something with checkpoints

Is this possible or just a suggestion?

lemme try give me a second

add a switch teamer thing, by every checkpoint, and limit a respawner to a single team. this should work

Could you send a screenshot please?

this ok?

And then switch them back once they respawn, right?

dunno this is me just trying to help if i can, not pretending to be an expert

Only if you want the respawn to be one time use.

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