For some reason, I can't post any new Gimkit Creative worlds

I can’t post any more Gimkit Creative Maps, what is happening? I still can create and host them, but I can’t upload them to Gimkit Discovery. Was it because I already made too many Creative Maps? (I liked hosting live games)

Welcome to the forum @da-ultimate-creater

Do you have 1,000 gimbucks?

Or do you have the season ticket?

I have the season ticket.

You should in the settings I think.

is it expired. thgat is possable

What season pass do u have?

there is a new season for some reason

I have the season 2 pass

Have you tried checking in the game settings?

Have you tried reloading or logging out?

Okay, I’m gonna try that right now.

Ok, then they probably banned you from creating maps… Either that or it’s a bug…

The new game Blastball created a new season and generation of gimkit. Movable devices? Or something we never new.

Can you send a photo of where it says publish?

Hold up, I’m working on that…

wellllllcome to ze forums! Hope u enjoy it here!

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Continue… keep going until where it gives u the error