For people that have been here for an ok amount of time

Guys why is mysz suspended and is cameron sharer still in the forums?

Cameron maybe still muted,
mysz requested jeff to be suspended

Why does he want to get suspended? Also why did cameron get muted


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you can email jeff and ask him to do it
@th3_ca1tsune message also for you

I guess so they aren’t tempted to browse and post

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Also why do they let you see what they wrote before they deleted it for some time? If they deleted it then they probably don’t want people to see it. Kinda weird.

discord runs it idk

which i don’t get because they can just log out of their account, and i know for a fact mysz still watches this place, but oh well.

it’s probably so they can’t reply to things

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this is very off-topic

and is turning into a chat

creator of this topic mark a solution

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mysz said the forums wasn’t worth his time, but is always watching

and cameron_sharer isn’t silenced anymore, but is just inactive

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Hello Alan_Shen. It has been quite a while since I last saw you lol.


You can. You just have to ask Jeffo.

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As for reminding me of the forums, it would have to be the Gimvengers, and working with people from that era. It’s always so much fun to work with old friends, and I wish I could do it more. Sadly, almost all of them (sans WhoAmI, BH, and shwdy, [1]) either are leaving or left. All I have now are the remains of a once amazing group on discord and the memories of said group. (Fun fact, my bio picture is a picture of the gimvengers.)

  1. You could count mysz as crisis, but he’s almost never on ↩︎


Oh hi Alen_Shen, haven’t seen you in a while. Good thing you came on the one day I was active lol

As for the naming thing, I wouldn’t recommend telling Jeff to change it unless there’s some sort of significant reason why you need to change it.


That what haiasi mean.

a masculine name that is of Hebrew origin

“Haiasi” is not Haiasi’s actual name lol

I know but for so long I thought that. I’m sooooooooooooooooooooooo dumb

Here is random hebrew
קד נוא בשמ טםו צשלק טםו צשלק ש איק איוצנמשןך םכ איק רקשך עקםצשארט גשדי אםםץ

Reason because of my discoverie

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