Food Wiki Guide

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Im going to make one and this is a great idea to solve the food guide problem first reply :smile: :+1:

biggest tug yet???

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most likely

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probably with all of those guides…

Biggest tug confirmed?!?!?!!?!
I made mine:)

Its a good thing we have

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yes officer, it was them, they clicked on me


hey @WolfTechnology should I mention the people that got their fruit guide flagged and tell them to put it on here?

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hey @WolfTechnology how do I get on the code sharing wix

go to this guide for code sharing


ok thanks it says its pending so do I have to wait a while or something. Just wondering :smile:

gotta wait for @CringeKarlScott the owner or one of the mods/admins I think to approve your request to get in. probably will take some time later today or tomorrow who knows?

or just message them and wait for them to get back to u that simple. I did the same thing.

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Why was this flagged?! it would’ve helped with clutter…

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… OH COMEON THEY DID IT AGAIN AT AN GUIDE THAT COULD FIX CLUTTER! yup I’ma say it flag warriors or random people flagging for it being a fruit guide or because the community doesn’t want to fix the clutter. that did flag


what kind of sick person would flag this the flag is the only off topic thing about it


only the mods/admin can know.

and I pretty sure @WolfTechnology upset right now when trying to fix the problem got messed up because the community the one that flagged wouldn’t accept the possibly only solution to clutter.

I’ma be honest I knew this was gonna happen because of the community flagging the food guides so much they thought this was the same thing. why ain’t I surprised.

we gotta chill out on the flags I serious that was too far.

took me 4 mins to type all this and express myself rn.


I think someone is just flagging all of wolf tech’s guides… it happened with the button one too


yeah it it would’ve helped

I agree, it would have helped, but this is kind of unnecessary, I’m not gonna lie. Besides farm chain, (Just call it a farm chain wiki since just fruits and vegetables is useless) this could have helped. But I don’t think unless your trying to design custom fruits for farm chain, (USE EMOJIS INSTEAD) then this could be somewhat useful.

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MY WHOLE POST GOT FLAGGED BY SOMEONE(I wonder who is flaging all the posts)