FNAF 2 map [In-development] Days 1-3

I am currently making the FNAF 2 setup, but I don´t know how I would do the Freddy head mechanic, or the flashlight. Please help!

I don´t have any screenshots because my computer is for school, and it does not allow screenshots. :frowning:

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Can you give me an example? Or what it is? I don’t play the game but I can help you if I know what your trying to make.

so the Freddy head prevents the animatronics from jump scaring you, because they think that when the Freddy head is on, Its just another animatronic. The flashlight should shine down the main hallway if you press a certain button (kinda like Slenderman, but not really) .

Oh so like Security Breach? If so, then you could switch the player to the team of the animatronics so they can’t attack you. I think that should work.

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wow, never thought of it that way! thanks :slight_smile:

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Mark a solution if this works! Also, you’re welcome.

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