Fnaf 1 map (complete) days 3 and 4

Oh then, that’s normal on websites like wix, try using a different device at home.
There are ways to get by it, but it is not recommended since it wouldn’t be allowed, so just try on a different device.
Anyway lets get back on topic

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this is considered a “help” tag because I was asking for suggestions.

Hmm yeah makes sense…


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thanks for agreeing, instead of making an argument.

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uhh hey @christal do you know any way to help me open your new fanf map please?

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no not really, but I do love your enthusiasm!

hey I have been watching to see if you post the link have you posted it yet?

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Hello, my name is Deadlocked, I am happy to help out with the Fnaf 1 Map


Whats up, @Deadlocked ? Welcome to the forums!


Happy to be here! so what can i help out with?

Correctomundo, @christal

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where is the link I cant find it?

the link is on my 1rst post!

@christal oh I cant find it. can you please repost it?

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I meant day 1, so if you can please check.

I tried and I could not find it… could you please post it on https://gimkitcreative.wixsite.com/game-sharing/group/code-sharing/discussion
again? or mesage me it?

I haven’t posted it on the wixsite yet

oh ok thanks ig for tellin

just a late reminder @Code, game codes are not allowed on the forums.

What is the checkerboard device and the radar device on the first screenshot?