Flood natural disaster game

Thanks to my boy @Txme_Lxss, he has helped me create the idea of a flood in a natural disaster game.

his/her idea was to have a floor is lava system where if you are not high enough off the ground, you will slowly take damage, could you help me make a system like this? Thanks, Chocolate

Anyways, I’m back. and for your knowledge, i’m a he.

But Use zones. detect if its on layer 1, 2, 3, 4, or 5. Make it so there lava or flood system slowly goes up zones, and you are ok only on a certain layer and up, like

example. It can go up to 4 so only people on layer 5 are safe from the danger.

Thanks, is it possible to replace the layer that has been cover with a water tile? or should I use a barrier

water tiles cant be hidden, so don’t. Use a barrier, and put it over everyone. Make sure it covers the entire map so they can’t be like, barriered.