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I really didn’t know this!
Very original!

bro i did not do something wrong

You DID get flagged.
Now switch this to Devices and mark a solution from there.
We need a Regular to change this.
I’m calling in a trusted one!
@THEHACKER120, you there? We need you.
Oop, looks like he turned into a member.

Uh yes I am here.
What do you need me for?
Edit: nvm

ok thank you for you help

It is still flagged Is it going to get unflagged?

Yes, it said it was hidden temporarily, but it’s kinda spam.
Please change the title to this:


oh I am new so don’t know what I can and cant do

You may want to look at the FAQ.
Now nobody reply to this topic so it can close.

honest reaction:

what i’ll say to you now:
if you’re not truly going to be helpful to the gimkit community then just do NOT post. this is off topic AND doesn’t do anything to help. events are events and if someone wants to know they will find out what to do. don’t post another guide until you have something a) NEW b) DIFFERENT c) USEFUL d) CREATIVE.


ok thank you i will do that

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