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  1. make this a guide.
  2. what is this even supposed to actually be

i think a truck but this is not a guide by any manner.

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that is such an amazing idea (i dont know why i didnt think of that)

You really think so? this is my first post, so I didn’t expect to get this many replies this fast.

although you should change it from help to ideas or art

yeah there is no guide on it because its a simple thing to make.

you need to add steps, images and the materials required to make the art so it can be a guide.

just makeing sure u dont get flaged

Welcome to the forums

I’m trying to make an image right now, but teachers have patrols and watch our screens.

well you have 24 hours to edit this post so you can take your time just not to long

Okay, thanks. I didn’t know about the time.

welcome to the fourums, its really hard to have your first post and not get threats about being flagged (thats what happend to me) im also kinda new its been a week

Here’s the picture, by the way.

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i see the truck it very cool i like the imagination

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  1. there probably is already a guide to making a truck
  2. too short
  4. most likely going to get flagged
  5. if a younger person saw that picture (post 15) they probably would not tell if it’s a truck

you use the settings button once you click on the prop to turn and resize it.

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Not really.

Just observe and watch and read the rules… personally my first post was a guide and it was pretty good. I got decent feedback. (Maybe cause it was a different time period back then and opinions were different…)

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I have a truck guide right here: How to make a semi truck