Flagged Post [Off-Topic/Flame War] DON’T REPLY

I wanted a thumbnail but idk how to make one and the one i made is not allowed so can anyone help me :frowning:

Here what it kinda like.

Here is where things should go.

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Why does no one try’s to help. Every time i post and after hours no one decide to help me with a thumb nail what :frowning:

Try renaming the file to a .jpg file

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Or if that doesn’t work, I can make you a new one.

Just let me know! :blush: I will be happy to help.

Also… Just curious, but what software did you make that thumbnail on?

@s-M-z he meant its not allowed. not it wont work. (and Im bad at graphic design so…)

what if you change somethings (to be honest that thumbnail is great)

Bruh, I know what i’m saying.

so gimkitcreative didnt let you put that thumbnail, right?

I got a question can the scary forest be a background

Sure? I guess. You could.

People said it on forum.

is this a repost?!?

I did not make it on a software lol. I just use the sketch book app. And sure you can help. It would help me a lot.

Done what do u think

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You cut off some of the yellow gim guy but overall it looks good :slight_smile:

Ok thanks for the feedback. Hope u like the thumbnail

Kinda of. Last post no one gave me a thumb nail.

please just bump that post next time instead of creating a new topic.

Ohh i don’t know how to do that.