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Once the next 2D game “Don’t Look Down” is released, we should design a world with ALL the 2D maps COMBINED and make a certain mission for the game!

Hey there @Jahziah! Welcome to the community! This is a cool suggestion but this is off-topic. Please refrain from making these kinds of posts/topics next time. You can post suggestions here:

Or you can email hello@gimkit.com or jeff@gimkit.com

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Sorry Haiasi, I’m kinda under age 18 so I get off-topic a LOT.

If you want to post off-topic things (things unrelated to gimkit creative) and post gamecodes, work on maps with other people, click this link.

Beware the griefers though!
They may try to sabotage your game.

Please do try to avoid off-topic posting, the mods have gotten stricter and people have been getting banned for doing so.
I suggest reading the Community Guidelines and TOS.


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Welcome to the forum, @Jahziah! Please mark a solution to close this topic!