Flagged Guide [Copied]

and me and cgames are actually friends irl so I came up with the idea of recreating blade ball in gimkit. so technically wouldn’t that be plagiarism?

In this scenario, OP is blatantly stealing a guide with barely any changes to it, while they clearly know that it is not okay.

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Tell me how that is relevant in this scenario.

That’s not hypocrisy though? What do you think the definition is? (Sorry if it sounds like I’m rude.)

he also never took credit for the original

Let this post close. It’s just a duplicate guide.

it would technically mean the whole thing is plagiarized then, wouldn’t it?

its flagged @Cgames mark a solution and everyone else move to a new topic and forget about this one.

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I disagree but I respect your decision. I don’t feel that it is plagiarized but everyone is entitled to their own opinion.

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Are you gonna address my points?

no not really. I honestly just dont feel like it.

Let this close or else this will turn into an annoying and hideous argument.

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ngl this already turned into a big argument

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Yeah, but it will get worse.

I did this for wheni make a bladeball guide so i can put thisfor firstpart instead of writing whole thing

I did not mean to really have itcopied iwastrying to have it butnotmaking it public so how do ido that

I have not seen this guide before it was flagged. However, I have seen some of the pictures taken by others, and agree that this is a copy of my guide. To respond to Cgames’s last comment, it is impossible to make a private guide on these forums.
I hope that we can put this behind us all and move on.

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Ok but i am sosorry i was just rying to have it sowheni make blade ball i can use the coordinate system for it