Flag Border Box Glitch

So, I Was Designing A Map, And I Used A Flipped Flag For Decoration. When I Tried To Move It, It Shows This:

(Also, Isn’t It A Nice Court?)

Nice court.
Idk y that is happining tho… weird

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The green box didn’t update when the flag flipped, so it stayed the same as it was before the flip. It’s just a visual glitch, nothing to worry about.


This is a common glitch. It’s been happening for a long time. I’ve even experienced it.


W court. 11/10

maybe caused it’s flipped and that’s why the “hitbox” is gliched.

same with erasing it and also vending machine’s gone haywire The other bug

I don’t think creative prop “border boxes” were made to sense angles or flips…

can I play your game plz :slight_smile:

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maybe if he publishes, or if you private message him he might send it to you early

It is a board game, but it isn’t done yet. That was Zone 1/6, the Blastball Zone

I also noticed it can do a bug with lasers vanishing but if you try to multi-select it will appear as a green box.

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when you’re done, can you send me a showcase link