Fixed with wires. Some reason wires work better than channels?

I made a simple clicker game with automatic and more per click upgrades, however when I run the game they only work sometimes and there is always something that is broken. This changes though…
Basically when I run the game certain parts work but others don’t. Also when I replay the game some other things don’t work and some do. Anyone know what is causing this? I can’t reply any more because it reached a limit apparently…

You’re going to have to be more specific. What works and what doesn’t?

Welcome to the forums @GimkitDesigner777

Here are all the things in the game currently:
1 Autoclicker
2 More clicks per click
3 Click display banner
4 Click checker(checks how many clicks a player has to unlock certain upgrades)
5 Click button
For example say the autoclicker works but the click upgrader doesn’t. I rejoin the game to test it again. Now the click display banner is broken but the click upgrader works.

Disable each device system and keep only one activated at a time. Work on it until it works. Then youbgo to the next device system and do the same.

For some reason the auto clicker is not working. I am using a trigger loop. Here is the code:
trigger loop

Does the trigger have a delay?

Yes it as 1 second delay to activate.

Is the property a number property?

yes it is number property

I am confused because this a picture of the modal counting clicks one game and then I reloaded the game and it stops working.

Try using an overlay that updates whenever one of the properties change. That make it so that you don’t have to use a popup.

Wait, lemme analyze this code for a second.
@GimkitDesigner777 what are the triggers doing?

The trigger loop is pretty much saying when auto clicker is bought. Activate and give +2 clicks every second.

Whats triggering the first trigger? Upon the auto clicker being bought, is that sending out a signal?

let me send you a picture.

The vending machine is activating the trigger when bought

I think I fixed it by using a wire however other stuff still seems to be broken…

Alright. So everytime one of those is bought, it send a signal to X trigger loop?

Yes but like the modal picture I sent earlier I am confused as to why stuff seems to be on and off working.

Ok. Lemme check the code.