Five way tunnel

Can someone please show a picture of a 5 way tunnel?

What do you mean? Like a tunnel with five different entrances/exits, or one make in GKC?

ummm is this for a thumbnail or something…
and what here_to_help said…

you mean this???

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Are you talking about a 5-way tunnel in GKC? Is that even possible? Terrain is minecraft-like, only placeable on a grid.


no its for a map in the game

Bruh I also looked it up and cat tunnels are the only thing I found

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i dont really know what you mean.

i think you are talking about this
5 way tunnel from

whatever it is. idk.

could you elaborate? like there’s… millions of results…

Well I’m trying to make a new Gimkit bedwars map for me and my friends but I can’t figure out how to make a five way tunnel.

uh i dont really know bro.

Could someone please at least try?

I don’t think it’s possible, maybe with props?

make it look like a star

what about talking to the creaters

Henlo irl friend which i won’t say name of cuz privacy reasons

B) on it

Maybe a pentagon?