Fishing doesn’t work

Names are precious. If you mispell someone’s name on purpose, it shows you don’t respect them.

I have little to no respect for people who can’t take the time to spell EIGHT LETTERS RIGHT!

There is something called a genuine mistake.

I meant doing that on purpose

You still know world history even if you didn’t experience it.

Listen up. You sound very arrogant, and uh… some of your opinions on males are questionable. Please don’t make false assumptions, treat them like facts, and deny even the words of the people you make false assumptions of. If you’re going to treat people like this, then the forums are simply not for you. Have a nice day.

Well then. I’m sorry.

You can’t make decisions in the heat of warfare unless you’ve been in war.

Stop responding to this topic everyone


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You can still say what you would do.

No you just are not fallowing them. I was a new user 3 weeks ago and I was and still am treated with respect and if you opinions are rude, just don’t say them.

Okay, well I don’t mean to. I’m sorry if I hurt anyone but stop piling on me and attacking me. I’m trying.

We are not attacking you, sorry if you feel that way but we all follow the rules.

I am very sorry for the post that I made out of anger previously, and I did not wish to pile up on you or hurt you. I just want to emphasize that when you were talking about @Blackhole927 and @Kyro, it sounded like you did not want to believe anything else, but now I see that you’ve corrected your mistake. Good day.

Some of these things you are implying and I’m just assuming your intentions past the screen. Like how Blackhole and Kyro hate each other. Do I mean to offend them? No. But did they imply that they hate each other? Yes, or I might be reading too far beyond things.

Lets just leave it at that.


Bruh delete that. Better yet, delete your comment.

It’s potentially offensive. Just saying. Now I’m going to just leave.

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