Fishing doesn’t work

how do i alow fishing

Read up. Welcome to the forum.

Welcome to the community @bret!

Welcome to the forum, @bret! Check out the beginner-must-read and forum-tips for more help! Remember to mark a solution!

Welcome to the forum @bret! The only people you can really rely on here are the OGs. I’m basically an OG myself since I know all this information. If you want to be an OG too, read up! (This was written by me but it’s missing most of the GimAI era. However, it almost perfectly captures each OG’s personality.)

“So far, this is what I think about some of the older users, NavyCatZ and Kyro are both good at art, so they might be close friends. Kyro and Mysz joined around the same time. NavyCatZ enforces rules. Storytelling is a big part of the old forum community. People look up to Zypheir, Zypheir is friendly towards everyone here. ClickClac and Here to Help create some of the more complex systems in Gimkit Creative with block code only being used when necessary, they both know their way around Gimkit Creative devices, they might be close friends. Mysz and Blackhole like the technological side of Gimkit Creative and math, they might be close friends. Cameron_Sharer shares Camerons, helps around the Help tab, enjoys problem solving. Wingwave is the compliment giver, LxmasHaxTakis can be comedic relief. People don’t generally like someone named Mythtaken? Then GimAI existed and then it didn’t. Cameron_Sharer and Lxmas might not like each other. Blackhole and Kyro hate each other and are rivals based on device vote. NavyCatZ and Mysz and Blackhole may not like each other because their personalities clash. Since most of the people here appear to be male, I’d assume most of you are homosexual. Is there anything I should add, remove, or change?”

That may be a bit biased, so maybe just say listen to the people marked as regulars. Just a suggestion :]


Some people do not have regular yet like me but still provide a lot of help. So please listen to the OGs instead of just the regulars. You can become one too and it is a very quick process. Also, it isn’t too biased, everything is biased, but I tried to make that as informational as possible.

50 days and 20k posts isn’t quick-

I meant becoming an OG.

What do you mean by “OG”? OG gimkitter or forum helper?

Like an OG here, they said there were OGs here and I basically just became an OG.

So forum. Got it. (I think)

It appears that you are not.

What do you mean?

Whoops, wrong topic

I have not heard of this, but I am og to gimkit.

Actually off-topic alert

However, you might know some questionably true facts about the OGs, but do you have almost 100 days of forum experience?

Are you spelling my name wrong on purpose? You should know how I feel about that…

Basically? I didn’t have this account for long but I know at least 100 days worth of knowledge only from a short time.