FIRE thing: Please help

I need to make a fire thing for psudeo health for my fire boss, as having a sentry is too boring for me. It must NOT be a HUGE disign, as I need it to be destrutible.

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You want me to build it? 'Cause I can…

I need art for it, so, yeah.

Gimme like, [Insert reasonable time] minutes.

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Do you like want a wizard? I need a few details.

A beacon sort of thing, but it has the theme of fire.

With a sentry? Or just a beacon? Lemme try a few deseigns.

With props, not devices, and don’t make it use too much props.

Ok, my idea is you hit the barrels and when they get killed the gas tanks explode resulting in the beacon dieing. Make as many of these as you want to destroy the beacon. Now let me build the actual beacon.

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Good so far?

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That’s a good idea! There will have to be multiple of those, though.

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Build as many as you need.

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Ok, this idea was the bottles feed into the machine creating fire, good idea?


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I will see how this looks in-game

I’m not that good at prop art, sorry. I just have the good ideas.

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How would I make a wire connecting the 3D printer to my boss? A in-game wire.
In 1-3 props

So what I did was this. I made the 3-d printer destroyable and hooked it up to a prop (You can make it a sentry) and so when the prop dies the boss is activated. 'Cause who doesn’t love a boss fight with stages?

Not a edit-mode wire

I don’t know what that is. Sorry. Wait, actually, just put a buncha alien plants.