Finishing up Legacies of Gimkit 🏆

To finish my Legacies of Gimkit game on time, I need each of these people to fill out this form ASAP. Otherwise, I won’t be able to finish even a BETA version of my game by May 11th. :trophy:

Also, before anyone says this is off-topic, I messaged Pharlain, and her only concern was this, so I don’t think she considers this off-topic. :speech_balloon:

Additionally, please don’t blame me for who’s listed above. It was the community’s choice in previous polls, not mine. :bar_chart:


We can get more people? What are we looking for again


Anyone who the community feels is important to it and its history. Someone in one of these categories.

  • OG: Someone who signed up in the beginning of the forum and was particularly active or helpful.
  • Veteran: Someone who’s not an OG, but was really active + extremely helpful or influential.
  • Regular: A Regular who’s been really helpful.

There was another category, but I forgot what it was. :thinking:



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Um, I think it was only for people they pinged and I don’t see you on there…


Maybe someone will nominate you this time around. Anyone can nominate someone in this wiki. Just type the name below - the wiki closes today at 2024-04-10T19:20:00Z.

  1. mysz
  • he makes good guides
  1. Apoll02
  • He made the keyboard & a platformer in Top-Down mode.
  1. Haiasi
  • He made the nicest guide on among us
  1. Nixximon
  • First thumbnail artist on the forums
  1. Crimson Knight
  • good regular, very helpful!
  • amazing regular, VERY trusted/helpful

Don’t add these people. They’re already in the game:

  • Wingwave
  • CringeKarlScott
  • Blackhole927
  • Frozen_Cursor
  • GimSolver
  • Foxy
  • Blizzy
  • WolfTechnology
  • Here_to_help

gimkit101 can you just keep the game running so I can improve the art I’ll keep the og map Incase I can’t finish the better one in time

sorry, @Foxy, but I don’t have time rn. r u free to work on it next week? my schedule is jam packed with school stuff all week

@CringeKarlScott, were you able to reach the inactive forumers on Discord and ask them to fill out my form?

no responses yet other than from navy, who, for obvious reasons, didnt want to
she also reminded me the same thing
and i realized my mistake
i must have been in a moment of temporary insanity when i wanted anything to do with you
bye bye
@CringeKarlScott, that was mean. why did u say that? :sob: what obvious reasons?

Nominations are now closed. I’ll sort through the nominations here and start on bios.
@Nixximon, @Crimson_Knight, @THEHACKER120, @Haiasi, @Apoll02, and @mysz, please fill out this form ASAP.
@Gimkit101 i think you already know this, but zypheir probably don’t see it
@eiqcrmeliutgwhc, doesn’t see what?
@Gimkit101 the form. also, to honor haiasi, it has to be a battle cat, not an ordinary cat


do i classify? i was the first to make thumbnails and do thumbnail on the forum i think that influential?


I guess. It’s not up to me - someone else has to nominate you. :rofl:

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I had not given approval for this, and there isn’t any reason for all this chatting.

If you’re involved you can fill out the form.

Have a good morning everyone.