Find The Button Thumbnail Request (I accidentally pressed the solution button 💀)

Meh. I have never really made a good thumbnail.

I can make one if that’s ok

Here’s mine @Bait

Hope you like it!
If not at least I tried


Yo, that actually looks good… :eyes:

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Thanks and goodnight :zzz:

Wait, thumbnail request are back!?!

Yep. :+1:

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THX It looks so good

Did you see mine and the other one?

hmm… spend another 1 hour on a thumbnail… or not…

You posted like 7 thumbnails and all were great. Take a break!

I cant make up my mind… my hand is screaming no, while my mind is screaming yes… the incognito Gim is too cute! I MUST DO IT! :pray:

I can already see you winning at GKC Fan artist in gimkit awards.

I’m very dedicated to my work. I usually do work on discord, but im trying out Gimkit for now…

as usual, here is the draft.

Incognito Gim reminds me of Italians.

fr thooo- also like the stereotypical boss lol

here you go! I hope you like it. :crossed_fingers: