Final vote for what world I should make

  • Open World Survival
  • GTA type of game
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You should change the maximum amount of votes to 1

Guys anyone who votes please just pick one I accidentally made so you could pick both

92% to 7%. I wonder what’s going to win?

I’m guessing everyone picked Open World Survival because nobody’s tried doing it (I think, I’m probably wrong).

This is on topic, since it counts for asking for what you should make in gimkit creative.

Open-world survival definitely. Open-world games are so unique.

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Am I the only one that chose the GTA option?

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Same, I love the open world Consept.

how do you make a voting thing like that

Press the cog in your reply area, then press “Build Poll”.

oh ok thank you @mysz

I think that would be a really cool and fun map to play.

Yeah it will be a challenge but using help from everyone in the community it’s not impossible

A gimkit version of a fnaf game, is it? and another fnaf fan yaa

I did it.​

Should I make a fnaf 1 map???

im currently doing this

could I try as well? :grin:

cuz I am sick today, and I don’t want to work on my battle royale map :face_with_thermometer: :mask: :weary:

See? I seem to always be wrong.