FINAL TOUCHES: SnowBrawl but Better

These are the final touches for my game SnowBrawl But Better! I wasn’t able to take EVERYONE’s ideas, so I took some. And I need help. Should this game be a Free for All, a Team game(prob capture the flag) or a tag game?

  • Free For All
  • Capture The Flag(teams)
  • Tag(friendly fire)
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I’m also adding some other secrets, so which secret do you want to be?

  • Random Sentry
  • Gravestone
  • Name Carved into the Bridge
  • House(depart traveler)
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If you have any questions, ask me!
(P.S demo will be LIVE at 5:00 pm, if not 5:25)

I know a person who has made a better snowbral(BSB) and it is quite fun. It has team mode and free for all mode. So I would ask him for extra info and help. @anonymous12

You called


Also I have added a lot of modes to my BSB legends

yeah, didn’t know that, i knew you just made a good BSB.

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