Fighting NPC battle thumbnail

Can you make a thumbnail of a player fighting a Ozi sentry

Sorry. Thumbnails request aren’t allowed right now.

Welcome to the forums @Ibrahim_4414 !

I removed the thumbnail and ideas tags, since they were unneeded.

They are? Since when?

What do you mean by you cant request thumbnails

You can’t request thumbnails because it clogs up the forums and that it’s not quite related to Gimkit Creative.
Please read the guidelines for more info!! :]

This is… interesting. Is this a new rule?

But there are plenty of thumbnail requests

As of now, the community has decided that thumbnails don’t quite fit in with Gimkit Creative.
We are just ing each other while we wait for the devs to announce it.

Well, if that’s what the community has decided…

oh no, here we go again…
we aren’t allowed to make them, those people who have made them have been warned. They are from before the thumbnail requests were banned. They are pretty much complete.

Oh sorry I just started

It’s okay!!
We all make mistakes.
Please mark a solution by clicking solution near the heart.
Welcome to the forums btw. :]

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