Farm-Chain/One Way Out Gamemode

I want to make a One Way Out mode on earth and farm-chain would be a perfect way to make it. So the plot I am thinking is it starts out normal but there is a countdown and once it is over a random player will be given a strange seed and needs to be brought to a crash sight and once the player plants it the get changed teams and then they work with the plants trying to kill all the other players and the players need to kill the player to win! I will update this when I make a certain part, I would like tips and game design. I am planning on keeping this up until I 100% finish the game so if you want me to bring this to another topic let me know which one. What should I name it?
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This is gonna be a lot of wires!


What should I name it?

Sorry, I was looking at other posts. You can add some addition lore in your game.


Remember Your Roots, Growing Time, The Earth Does not Forget, Mysterious Object, Scorched Earth.

You could make advancements. I have yet to see someone implement an advancements system into their game. Now that checkers aren’t broken this should be much easier! Yay! Checkers are good again!

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For lore you could make it that the alphastar/escape pod crash into the earth after one way out

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I have advancements in one of my games…
Things like First Weapon (obtain your first weapon) , Shiny (obtain your first gold nugget) , Fiery End (fall into lava), Questsolver (finish your first quest) Objective:Upgrade (obtain an epic weapon), Objective:MAXIMUM (obtain a legendary weapon)


Well I haven’t seen it lol

Also easier with checkers now like I said

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okay, will do

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What does that do?

You might want to take out your code from your screenshot too…

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You could make a counter that whenever reaches a target, spawn ally sentries then set a new target for it.

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I have a lore story you can implant into the game:

after the events of “One way Out” scientists learned how to control the plants. the spaceship that you escaped crashed nearby, which you can travel to to get extra items. but theres something new deep in the wreckage…


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