F1 Straights Barriers

I’m making an f1 map, and I need a barrier to stop the player from going off the track. If you want to see what sort of barriers I want, search up main straight f1 track.

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whats a f1 map? im new to the forum

A map based on the formula one racing game

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make invisible barriers maybe?

Could you try tires?

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like this


Can’t you just use barriers?

Invisible barriers, add them to side of the tracks. Go to “Appearance” and set “Visible on game start” to “No”

why cant i use barriers

That was my point; you should be able to.

Those don’t look good.

Recolor them? You can do a whole lot with barriers.

Something like this, with the grey fence.

Use the barrier prop and alternate between normal barriers and red tinted barriers.

But I also need the fence.

Maybe use metal poles? I don’t know how to do that. (I don’t know how to do it because the game’s view is bird’s eye view.)

Ok. I’ll try using the walls in snowbrawl and snowy survival instead.

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