Extra ideas for almost completed map

After a month and a half me and my friend are almost down with our map “Stop the bomb”, where you use special seeds to take away time from the enemy’s bomb and add time to yours. I already have a shop for weapons and bombs that you can use to block off areas. I Just want some extra ideas for the game to add more “spice”.

Add some secrets, like Easter eggs or secret passage ways.

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oh my god i helped with the ideas of stop the bomb special seeds


this sounds good. what Crimson Knight said, and maybe add some lore to make it more interesting.

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Secret characters with some lore for the game/forums. Could be people who volunteer to be in the game.

Arcade machines that teleporter

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Random things that connect to smth on the forums, lore, if you’ve made other games add things that pay homage to them, decorate the places gims “sit”, an intro, sprint overlay, rewards, ways to buy powerups (you do ____ you get ____), make diff levels, make hidden cheats, adding more later

Mini games:

Also the game sounds super cool, ping me if you need a thumbnail

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Risk reward seeds. (50-50% chance of lowering your bomb time.) (25-75 chance of making it higher by a lot.)