Every single image of devices *FINISHED*

This is amazing! This would be very helpful to me. Or even new players, maybe you could add a description.

i would add all device but i can’t make a wiki and it 41 devices total.

Oh. Well, that’s okay. I was just suggesting.

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Is the checker a new device? How long has it been in the game?

no it not new it might of been updated as if you check my guide in one or the other device execpt for new device i putted in new device because there a new device section checker is not new. but might of been updated.

The new device, checkpoints should be added.

i already added it in the guide @WolfTechnology

Ok, my bad, I didn’t see it.

it okay also it turn out gimkit replace advanced devices with new devices so rip advanced devices as i leave it in this guide forever. now let get back on topic.

If you ger regular before the edit time is up can you make this a wiki?

i not a regular yet but idk how long i have been here considering the fact i got banned then switched from banned to silence so idk how long until i regular and also considering the fact i never here on the weekends.

You should get it in about 15 or 16 days.

bumping this guide because i got 4 days left until regular.

Bumping this guide since ITS BEEN MONTHS!

wait, camera view ain’t a advanced device… :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

This guide seems sad, as there are many new devices…


this was old and sadly i didn’t get regular and this was way back in nov where they just now got new devices section but advanced device section was gone

what? how this was way back in nov as it was but then the section got deleted! so idk if it is as i have not checked gimkit creative

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