Events Happen Once

How do you only allow something to happen once? Like, for example, only allowing speed upgrades to occur once?

You can make a vending machine deactivate on purchase and that be global or by player.

To be more specific, once props are damaged, they cannot be damaged again by the same player once completely destroyed?

When you grant speed you allow the purchase 1 time, it is in teh settings of the device under where the item you grant is. then wire it to the speed modifiy so when purchased, grant speed.

yes i belive and we did not know you meant props

Props will be completely destroyed.

Sorry, that was just an example…

Alright. Thank you for helping.

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devices can be set to a limit, props can be destroyed only once per game.

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unless you have when prop destroyed go on to relay to all other players and have that relay broadcast on channel that causes prop to appear…so it appears again for all but the person who destroyed it.

you would have to set it to player not global.

yeah but it would it work?

It might, I have never done that, but most of the time, no.

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