Escape the Vental System: The full help guide [WIP Help Topic]

this is a help topic for help on my special map “Escape the Vental System”

This is a wiki so I don’t run out on editing time

(I make WIP help guides for the fact I want to avoid clutter and have one place to go when I am working on it)

Point of the game

To Survive the Monster and solve the hidden puzzles as well as find cool easter eggs hidden in the map.


I want a Bonsey and sketch “lined paper” (custom gim, shown below) to seem to be escaping a shadowlike monster in a metal, worn-down vent setting, with backpacks on both, saying with a tag attached “___% Energy left” with other items in the big packed backpack, including, water bottles, energy bars, flashlight, and a dragon egg hiding in on of the player’s backpack pocket. then you have a meter-like object called “the Awoken meter” with the bar at 100% (could @x.mochi or @Nixximon or any other artist help?)

Additions to the game:

Crawl and sprint button (when you are sprinting it shows a crawl button and vice versa)

Sound overlay (name in progress): what this means is when you start out, it starts at 0% awoken and when you move it starts to rise slowly. But, If you sprint it goes up really fast. When you stop moving it goes down slowly.

Energy levels:
You have another overlay that shows how much energy you have left, it rises slowly when its not at 100% and your not sprinting. whenever you sprint, it lowers.

The map itself

I need a lobby (to be decided on the design)
and a ventral system maze



What do you need help with?

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what @vqnillaxx said

the point of the game and the additions to the game

this is in progress, so i will be editing this later on to show new ideas needing help with

i edited a bit more of it

do help topics have an editing limit

yes as a member 30 days

can you help with my ideas then?

Of course


when they asked there wasnt a description


But @ShinyRiolu said so.

can you help?

eh maybe.
but im kinda bad at drawing online.

at this rate i better be paid :sneezing_face: /joking

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you do get paid…


In apreciation


Don’t forget the feeling of Satisfaction!

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never forget it at all times

can anybody help?