Energy per Question and Bait per Question: How to make

How do i make it so the host can set up how many energy and bait (both are separated) players can get per question?

Use a game overlay and make it so when you click it it opens the questioner for energy, copy and put it in a dif location for bait.

Life cycle, player knocks out, give them cash using item granter.

I mean’t like host setting up how much items players can get per question answered correctly.

Ex: The default number to get cash is 1. The host wants to set it to 5 cash per knockouts. So the host does it, and when they actually start the game, you get 5 cash per knockout.

(I also want to set a limit for how much cash you get per knockout)


When player knocks out, using life cycle, make it so it goes to a item granter and gives 5 cash

Every time player knocks out occur, player scope a counter. If it reaches it limit ,stop giving cash with item granter.

Make the knocks out channel go to a trigger then the trigger to the item granter. Disable trigger when counter target reached

Use two different questioners and overlays

Actually, forget about the cash per knockout thing.

Researched and i found out that is pretty hard to make.

Questioner wired to item granter.
Question answered correctly → give the item (Cash/Bait)

You could make a game spawn only for the Host and have buttons to set how much you want to set it.