Energy not even dropping at ALL

I had lots of energy (mostly because i answered questions too much), and this is how much energy i have:

I know, above normal level, but if i drop it, it doesn’t even drop it at all. Even worse, it disconnects me from the game.

Please help.

Have you tried reloading?

Reloading doesn’t work.

Why are you dropping that much energy?

I was testing my “You ran out of energy!” notification thing.

refresh your game, make another game and try the same thing, play it on another device, and shut down your device, if that doesnt work try emailing

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well, i think that gimkit creative is dropping so much energy it can’t handle it.

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gimkit probably can’t handle all 999 trillion energy you’re trying to drop, so it crashes the game.

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Try dropping less energy. You were never meant to have that much lol.

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