Energy, No Energy

Should I keep or get rid of my energy system? (A system where each time you walk, you lose energy)

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what game mode is it for?

It depends on the map

Keep, make the game educational

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depends on the map your making

Farmchain Remastered, or “Farmation Grounds” as I call it

Then yes. The energy is the thing that runs the game

Hi guys. I am new here. Also, I don’t think you should get rid of it. It will look like a real gamemode.


Sorry to keep this convo like 2 minutes short. But that was quick

Also maybe include a choice at the start of the game (host picks) if you use energy or not

can’t do, I am showing to the world and my class.

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@PhantomGamer Welcome to forums, gimkit addict!

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you can use this guide:

(and I love your new profile pic @Cellofive)

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