Ending Ideas For Rich Robbery

so, i have a game named rich robbery where you rob a bank with a friend named leo.(you can ask me for further details) and i dont know what endings to make. so i just need some ending ideas. (i have a good, bad, and a secret ending by the way)

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Psychopath: Express insanity by destroying the entire bank along with knocking out everyone in it.

good idea! if you want, i can send you a link to the game to check it out. thanks for it!

Send it as a showcase link in your bio.
If you DARE post the link in a reply…
Well, you won’t like it…

You’ll get flagged AKA reported on.

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ok, thanks for the reminder.
im new to the forums so i dont really know alot about this lol

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You may want to look at this.
Another ending idea: Fake Out
Get some fake cash and give it to leo while also saying you DID rob the bank.

sounds good! thanks alot!

Have a security guard that is a fan of among us watch you vent.
However guards around the vent are SUS of you, so they esc0rt you out of the bank.

Good ending: You successfully Rob the bank without anyone getting hurt.

Busted ending: You and Leo are caught and arrested.

“Locked up alone” ending: You get caught but Leo doesn’t and takes all the money for himself.

Bad ending: You get kill3d when robbing the bank.

Betrayal ending: You and Leo successfully Rob a bank but Leo takes all the money for himself, leaving you empty-handed and a wanted criminal of the law.

Coward ending: While attempting to rob the bank, Leo gets arrested so you make a run for it, leaving him, and you become a wanted criminal.

Redemption ending: Right before robbing the bank, you decide to abandon the plan.

“Wrong bank” ending: While going to the bank, you make a wrong turn and go to a bank with 10x the security and get caught the second you walk into the bank.

G3n0cide ending: You successfully rob the bank but you end up kllling everyone, including Leo.

you rob the bank and escape flawlessly

caught in 4k (or maybe just caught)

you get the money, but the police are on your tail, you must complete a maze run (in the game) to successfully finish the game.

shoot out
you engage in combat with the cops, if you defeat cops you win, if not…
you will go to jail for a long long time…

just as you walk out of the bank, a taxi driver, eager to send his customer to his destination, drives into you and kills you.

how does robbing a bank get a good ending… lol

now that’s what I am talking about…

leo be like: … how???:face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

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successful spy ending:
you take a job at the bank to get suspicion off of you and learn the security patterns. And then after a couple days, you rob the bank and you succeed.

unsuccessful spy ending: the same thing as above, but you get caught.

i already have those endings, (good and bad), but thanks for trying to help!

Sneak 100%: Rob the bank without anyone noticing, including leo.

but they take a job at the Bank. (there should also be cutscenes of them doing the job.)

“Wrong Person”
Before robbing the bank, get a costume that looks like leo from a shop, then rob the bank with full notice while wearing the costume then before you meet leo, throw the costume out of sight and give the cash to him. The cops will think that leo had robbed the bank and arrest him, not you, you also then get away with it.

It’s good bc you get the money :money_mouth_face:

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Good ending (job ending)

You get a job and you don’t need to rob the bank, because you got money from that.

Regret ending

You successfully rob the bank without getting caught, but you and leo realize that it is bad, so you leave the money behind

Caught ending

You activate a laser (maybe add like an iconic laser maze or something) and it sets off an alarm and you get caught.

Betrayal ending

Leo betrays you by taking all the money instead of splitting it and taking half.

Other caught ending

You take the loot and escape, but the police see on security cameras, and chase you and they catch you because you are very slow because you got gum on your shoe or something

Parents ending

Your parents wonder why you have all this money and you can make a popup thing with options to make it more like ‘choose your own adventure’ style, and if you press some stuff you own up, get caught and need to take back the money, you go to juvenile detention, your parents believe you (you lied) and you are safe, or whatever you like.

Foreigner ending

While the cops are on your tail, you disguise and travel overseas to be safe. You don’t speak the language everyone else does, so you can’t communicate to anyone except leo.

prison ending

Kinda obvious. You get caught and go to prison without any money and it is a life sentence, so you aren’t going out ever.

Other good ending (sneaky ending)

Get hired at the bank, and the boss tells you where the vault and stuff are and you are the guard, but really, you use the info to break in and steal it yourself.

Blame ending

You get caught but act innocent, so leo is judged guilty and geos to prison, and is very angry at you, but your normal life (without leo) carries on but you will always feel guilt wherever you go.

Hope this was helpful :wink:

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Literal Menace:
Storm to the vault with a legendary Quantum portal that everyone is so scared they don’t do anything and you steal the cash so easily.

Yikes that last ending was rough

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yeah… I’m not quite sure that should be in a game… Kids play gimkit and I’m not sure that

is really kid friendly…