End Game (resolved)

I set the end game widget and lifecycle as you said, but this system does not work after ending the game.

Ahh, I think I can’t do it, I’m about to give up

How did you show the knockouts and items when the game ends? I don’t have them :frowning:

California_Love will you reply?

Okay, let me show you.


  1. So, place down a PROPERTY. Name the property “Knockouts”. Don’t change the settings, and it should look something like this:
    Knockouts Property

  2. Then, using a LIFECYCLE, set it to “player knocked out.” It should look like this:
    Lifecycle Player Knocked Out Setting

  3. Then, use a COUNTER. All you need to do is go to the Property tab and choose Yes. Choose the property “Knockouts.” It should look something like this:
    Counter Update Property Knockouts Settings

  4. Finally, wire the LIFECYCLE to the COUNTER: Player knocked out < Increment counter, now it will increment a counter every time a player is knocked out! Now let’s have it show at the end of the game.
    Visual Player Knocked Out Lifecycle - Increment Counter Wire

  5. Using an END OF GAME WIDGET, keep the setting to Statistics, primary, but put the property name “Knockouts”. Change the label name to Knockouts. Looks like this:
    End of Game Widget
    Screenshot 2024-02-09 12.51.23 PM
    And that’s all for Knockouts! Here’s the final result!
    Screenshot 2024-02-09 12.52.29 PM

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OK, I will try this. Thank you…

Now for items.


  1. This is pretty easy. As before, place down a PROPERTY. Name the property “Items.” Don’t also change the settings, and it should look something like this:
    Items Property
    Items Property Settings

  2. Now place down an INVENTORY ITEM MANAGER. Go to the Properties tab. Choose the Yes option and choose the property “Items”.
    Inventory Item Manager--Bait
    Inventory Item Manager Update Property Settings

  3. Place down your END OF GAME WIDGET. Have it on Statistic, but on the SECONDARY LEVEL. Set the text to Items. Now you’re done!
    End of Game Widget
    Screenshot 2024-02-09 1.05.26 PM

Now you’re done! Set the item to whatever you want!

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Yea since I didn’t really understand property this has help me for my air hockey map

YAY This WORKS!!! thank you so much

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You’re welcome! :innocent:
Let me know if you need anything else!

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Oh, don’t forget to mark a solution so this can close!

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thank you I did it :slight_smile:

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