Emulating Stuff We Can't Do

Emulating Stuff We Can’t Do

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Height (Platformer)

Height Emulation
This tutorial is made unnecessary by the Coordinate System.
Ah, the height tracker from DLD and Dig It Up.

The best we can do is place a waypoint on the ground, and as you go up, it will display how far you are from the ground.

Height Emulation Flaw(s)
Just some basic math here:
The waypoint will show the distance from you, not the height.

So the length of the hypotenuse.

So let’s say you’re actually 3 meters up, but 4 meters to the left/right of the waypoint. (I used 3 and 4 for easy calculation)

Using Pythagoream’s Thereom (which states for a right triangle with leg lengths a and b and hypotenuse length c, then a^2+b^2=c^2), we can figure out the hypotenuse.

3^2+4^2=c^2 Plug in values
9+16=c^2 Solve
25=c^2 Solve
sqrt(25)=c Take square root of both sides
c=5 Solve and flip sides

So, the waypoint displays 5 meters, not 3 meters (the correct one)

2nd Flaw

If you make a game like Dig It Up, where you can go below sea level, your waypoint will display a positive number if you go under it.

Here it is in Desmos:


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