Employee Name help thingy

So I am making a Lobotomy Corporation style game, and I want name ideas for the employees. And not lame names, like Paul (sorry for people named Paul)
Also, one more thing. Don’t put numbers and try not to use special characters. Numbers mess with my code, the actual stats of employees is determined by numbers combined with the name.
Do you want an employee name?

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If you vote, reply saying what the name is, and only do it once.
Remember guys! No generic or lame names! (although I’ll let Cello5, harharharhar83, and THEHACKER off the h00k because I forgor to mention no generic names :skull: )

Something else...

Also no, you can’t say Dakota or BongBong Project Moon fans, I already put those in.

jonathan (after my real name :wink: )

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because cool name
Edit: Not my name…

would be my name for this

If you put me in your game (i voted) just put GIMKIT.CREATIVE please!

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because… I have reasons

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just because😉

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I’ll be Chrys… (yes with a “y”)

I like Timmy or Timothy.

We do not speak of why…

Iris , Sakura, or Violet

hey @I_Like_Props did you see my new topic!

Oh, yeah, I’ll try, but theres no need to tell me on a diff topic.

oh my bad…

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aight no more replies please, I ran out of space in my block code. I won’t close the topic though, maybe my brain’s just smooth and there’s a better way to do it.
(If you want to help make the block code better, you can tell me.)

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“Aight no more replies please” - unavilible, 2023

woopsie, my bad didnt see that

Zvs (funny shortening of my game handle)

““Aight no more replies please” - unavilible, 2023” - some kid, 2023

uhhh… would this even be allowed? like 6+ people play