Ello! Need some help with my map

So im trying to make a game where if you shoot the enemies “treasure chest” you will steal their money and their money will go down. Also extra credit! need help showing the amount of money on your chest.

so you can use a knock out manager so every time you ko and enemy you wire it to give you money

the treasure chest is a prop

So you can use a ko manager to grant items apon death. “Actually, I’ll just give you all the instructions. Make a lifecycle that listens for a player being knocked out. Wire that to 2 wire repeaters. One should only let team 1 get through and one should only let team 2 through. Grant the items from there.”- @getrithekd .

you cant put how much money you have on your chest but you can use a player ui and do tracked item in a corner and track that item so the player sees it without opening their invintory.

You can’t pick up props, just items.

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