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This has been resolved. Please stop being mean to me. I stoped the advertisement. What is so bad about a picture?

Please edit this out.

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I grind levels by using tag domination, made by gimkit. Just purchase everything and end the game. It should add up to 5000 XP every time. Repeat that three times, and you got yourself 1500 gimbucks. It’s the same with the season ticket, just 1 extra round of purchasing upgrades. Now back on topic.

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Btw, just use a knockout manager. (If you’re using gimkit)

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If this is for scratch, you can’t post it here, because it’s not related to gimkit creative.

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It’s not. I did talk about gimkit, its called advertising. Also, thank you about the KO manager, it seems like it will work.

Advertising is not allowed. If you want to advertise anything, do it on the wix.

Hm, I don’t see anything that says no advertising :person_shrugging:

Advertising will get you flagged for spam

This forum is only for helping others make their maps or figuring out complicated codes. Check out this
Also, wlecome to the forums @Fulcrum-19

Read the banner at the top.
(Why do I even try to tell users to do that anymore? No one ever does.)


The forum these days :person_facepalming:

Ok everyone. I apologize about this. Even though there is no rules that argue against advertising for a 3rd party website, I will have it taken down. I hope its ok if I leave the picture up though.

Stop replying to this post. @Foxy , can you make the topic, off-topic? I am trying to prevent this from getting flagged. he was advertising his game, which is not allowed

Welcome to the forum @Fulcrum-19, you should go over the FAQ and TOS to make sure you have a full understanding of the rules here.

on it
@Fulcrum-19 no advertising at all including other sites

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