Echo Mines, What should i add?

This is for ideas on an area inspired by dig it up by gimkit, what should i add?
Echo Mines is an area in my new game, SS2:CS(Snowy Survival 2: Castle Siege)

add caves, that lead you into a bigger cave (that has loot, like diamonds or something)

Okay, Good Idea, what do you think of me adding a Ravine?
I don’t know how to incorporate a ravine, if yes than i’ll need help

a ravine is a good idea, is the game a platformer or top to down mode?

Make a secret echo base in a random spot in the mine.

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Top-Down, I don’t have the season pass.

Vortex is the new owners of the mine, based on lore, Vortex took the mines from Echo. So A Secret Echo Base isn’t a bad idea

so, this is the only thing i can think of, just add grass as walls, as a reference something like this?

It’s fine if you can’t think of anything else, i’ll just expand on the idea

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maybe on a cave add lava in it, I think I know how to make it.

Let me know when you know how to.

you are using the dynamic blocks right?

Yep, Dynamic Blocks

So here is the picture

in the cave, just add a barrier and make the alpha level to 1, on the appearance tab on the barrier.

add a laser behind the barrier , near the top that deals 9999999999999999 damage (if you want to knock a player out when they touch it) or a number of your choice.

(the cave and the size of everything is your choice, and also make sure to make the laser the same length of the barrier)


Okay, This will help.

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Anything else i should, @here?

It only works on the edge, and when it does work it deals 10 damage, not 9999999999999999 dmage

Random gems that can give buffs and debuffs, and it give the name of those gems, so you have to remember what the gems do.

maybe like sentries guarding treasure, and having some pretty good loot, some secret side missions or side rooms…

you have to change the number on the laser settings